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COMM-IT is a unique SharePoint development company that has been offering SharePoint implementation and development services since the initial release of SharePoint 2001. As one of the first implementers of SharePoint, we have consistently been recognized as a Microsoft Certified Partner on SharePoint. Our commitment to excellence in SharePoint development and implementation has earned us the prestigious Microsoft Certified Partner status, which we have held for several years. This recognition is a testament to our reputation as the preferred choice of our clients for their Microsoft SharePoint needs.

SharePoint is a leading platform for communication and collaboration, providing a range of features such as document management, search engines, workflows, and business productivity applications. It can be configured to create intranet, extranet, and internet sites, as well as offer a variety of collaboration and sharing tools. With easy integration with Microsoft Office, Exchange Server, and Power BI, SharePoint can streamline your organization’s productivity.

Our team of Microsoft Certified SharePoint consultants, architects, and developers have the expertise to implement SharePoint solutions that are tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking to improve document management, sharing, collaboration, workflow, or information management, we can provide on-premises, Azure cloud, and hybrid SharePoint solutions that deliver results.

We offer various options for modernizing your application, which include re-platforming, re-hosting, recoding, rearchitecting, re-engineering, interoperability, replacement, retirement, and changes to the application architecture.

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Key Facts

Continued SharePoint Implementation Since First Release SharePoint 2001 to now

Over 100+ projects on SharePoint

Pool of Microsoft SharePoint Certified Consultants

10+ Industry Verticals for SharePoint Implementation

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner on Collaboration and Content for several years in a row

24+ ready to use business productivity app

50+ Project involving SharePoint Workflow along with third party automation like Nintex, K2 on SharePoint

Improved Return on Investment (ROI)

Our Implementation Methodology

We have developed a well-structured implementation methodology for SharePoint over the past 12+ years, which supports continuous adoption and success measurement.

Our SharePoint Services

We offer comprehensive end-to-end SharePoint services that are adaptable to your evolving business scenarios.

SharePoint Consulting

Leverage SharePoint to create powerful collaboration environment to boost employee productivity.

SharePoint Branding & Design

UI/UX experts to create appealing and engaging visuals with simple navigation and multi device compatibility.

SharePoint Integrations

Integrating SharePoint with enterprise system – SAP, D365, Salesforce, third party workflow etc.

SharePoint Managed Services

Ongoing monitoring of SharePoint implementation, improving features and functionality and continuous support.

SharePoint Healthcheck

Utilize the full potential of SharePoint by identifying and correcting potential issues in infrastructure, architecture, and performance.

SharePoint Migration

Complete migration or moving/upgrade web app, workflow to latest SharePoint platform.

Office 365 & SharePoint Online

Implementing O365 along with SharePoint Online on Azure with Power Automate and SSO using Azure AD. SSO

Portals, Intranet and Extranet

Implementing department portal to Intranet for enterprise wide employee collaboration and Extranet to connect customer, vendors, and partners.

Enterprise Content Management

Implementing ECM with effectively paperless based managed automated business process, secure file sharing to access information quickly.

SharePoint Development

Customize features, build custom solutions, workflows and integrating with enterprise systems.

BPA and Workflow Development

Automating business processes using Power Automate, Nintex or K2 to improve efficiency.

SharePoint Business Intelligence

Integrating Power BI on SharePoint to create reports, dashboard, score cards from disparate data source.

Document Management Solution

Our DMS is a customized and developed solution on top of SharePoint, providing a platform for easy creation, management, and sharing of documents with multi-device accessibility on PCs, mobile devices, and notepads.

Document Management Solution

  • Our repository system provides a secure and efficient method for storing and managing documents and content.
  • We ensure proper inspection and review of documents at every stage, with a document control system to manage content across all levels.
  • Our system enables easy flow and sharing of documents throughout the organization, with roles-based secure access granted to concerned parties.
  • We also ensure regulatory compliance and offer digital signing of documents through DocuSign or Adobe Sign.
  • Additionally, we can extend the functionality of document approval using Power Apps on mobile devices.
  • Our DMS is integrated with Microsoft Teams for an easy and seamless experience, and it is accessible on multiple devices such as PCs, mobile devices, and notepads.

Business Data Solution

We offer a solution that assists enterprises in integrating, managing, and reporting their business data on SharePoint using Business Connectivity Services.

  • Business Connectivity Services: integrate disparate data source that does not reside in SharePoint e.g. SQL Server, SAP, Oracle, Web Service, OData source etc. 
  • COMM-IT can also develop any custom data connector to integrate third party data source.
  • BI Center Site: publish reports, lists and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) over SharePoint BI Center Site.
  • Customization of business data solution for usage in BI.
  • Archiving and storing of data in real time.
  • Facilitate movement and sharing of large amount of data.
  • Customization of Business Data Solutions to integrate custom developed software.

SharePoint App Development

We use SharePoint Apps Model to develop business productivity App with Workflow capability which can be packaged, reused, or even listed on SharePoint Marketplace

  • Flexibility – leverage HTML5 & CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery, JSON, REST, OData, and OAuth. 
  • Stability– high stability and performance along with ease of App upgrade.
  • Capability– Apps can communicate with SharePoint via OData & REST API.
  • Security– secure authorization and authentication along OAuth 2.0. 
  • Reusability– Apps can be packaged, reused, and sold via Marketplace.
  • Deplorability– simplified app installation and upgrade processes.
  • Wide Range of Services:
    • Custom Application Development.
    • SharePoint Framework Development.
    • Enterprise App Development.
    • SharePoint Integration with Third-Party Tools
  • Wide Range of Customizations:
    • Custom Web Parts.
    • Event and Feature Receivers.
    • Custom Field Types.
    • Application Pages.

SharePoint App Development

With more than 12+ years into the business of process automation using SharePoint Workflow, Power Automate and third-party automation tools, we can help digitize every process in your organization.

    • Reduced labor costs – optimization of repetitive task. 
    • Increased Productivity – removal of Manual Intervention. 
    • Shorter Cycle Times.
  • Increased Profits with many Intangible Benefits
    • Reduced Error Handling – due to reduced manual intervention.
    • Consistent Process Handling. 
    • Improved Customer Service – more responsive complaint handlings.
  • Easier Management of IT Infrastructure – due to Application Integration.

COMM-IT, A Full-Service SharePoint Development Company Can Help You Get Started

Having been in the business of SharePoint since its first release, we have the expertise to transform the way you do business. Our numerous success stories with clients across 12 different industry verticals on SharePoint mean that you can leverage our experience and pre-built solutions, eliminating the need to start from scratch.

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Extending SharePoint on Mobile

COMM-IT helps your workforce become mobile and increase their productivity by extending and customizing the collaboration platform of SharePoint on to your mobile devices.

  • Carry your office anywhere you go.
  • Quick access to data base while interface is similar your office interface.
  • Administrative console on mobile phone – manage access.
  • Multi Device compatibility using an easy channel.
  • Navigation is fast and allows offline editing facility as well.
  • Centralized Management feature for enhanced security.
  • Ability to develop customized application on SharePoint and extend the same on mobile devices.

Unified Communication – Microsoft Teams Solutions

We extend SharePoint applications to Microsoft Teams, providing an easy way to access information through a dedicated hub for teamwork. This allows for seamless integration of chat, content, people, and tools on a common platform within Office 365.

  • Microsoft Teams Architecture & Design: Helping you make sense of Office 365 and Teams with sustainable architecture
  • Governance: Build a best practice and Governance Document for Microsoft Teams and Modern SharePoint sites
  • Teams Development: Helping you enhance functionality of Team further with bots and integration with other system.
  • Digital Transformation: Helping you make Digital Transformation and provide real organizational change to your culture and workforce.

Power Platform Services

Extending and Enriching SharePoint Application on to mobile using Power Platform which helps you analyze data, build solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents and connect them together and to O365, D365, Azure and hundreds of other apps for end-to-end business solutions.

  • Intuitive and insightful data visualization using Power BI
  • Data workflow and process re-engineering using Microsoft Power Automate
  • App and Connectors: Design and development of customer connectors, PowerApps portals, offline capable apps, custom components, and business rule-driven apps
  • Integration services – Across MS repositories (SharePoint, Office 365, and Dynamics 365) and standalone ISV applications.
  • Create powerful Chabot’s – without the need for developers or data scientists.

Low-Code Platform that spans Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Standalone applications

Analyze | Act | Automate

SharePoint + Power BI Integration

With our SharePoint + Power BI Integration we help you discover you discover “Why” behind your data by integrating disconnected data streams into auto-generated reports and dashboard on SharePoint.

  • Automatically integrate all your data in one place
  • Auto-Update: Keeping your data up to date with Auto-update and sync
  • User friendly Dashboard and graphical reports which shows you data trends, forecasts, and intelligence
  • Interactive data, filter, sort, What IF questions, toggle and pivot your data at a click
  • Export data to Excel from ad-hoc reporting
  • Building customised reports, dashboards, and standardise the formats of data.
  • Cut down your workload with Auto-generated reports and send them to your users.

Helping You discover “Why” behind your data!

Data Visualization | Automated Reporting | Interactive Analytics

SharePoint Task and Project Management

A Fully Functional easy to use Task and Project Management Solution customized and built on top of SharePoint create plans, organize, and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you are working on and get updates on progress.

Task Management and assignment scheduling

Dashboards to Keep Track of Task

Planner to Manager private and public plans and task buckets

Attach Files against tasks

Central Hub to Integrate everything

Track Timelines and budgeting

Progress Updates & Deadlines

Collaboration - Anytime, anywhere and on Any Device

Workflow Based routing of Task

Integrates into desktop, email and calendar workflows

Financials – check estimates versus expenses, sort, aggregate, filter data

Teams Integration – Integrate Task and Planner in Microsoft Teams

Pair Your SharePoint and Teams with our Modern Workplace

Ready to use Digital Workstation build using SharePoint 365, Power Platform and Teams

  • Chat, content, people, and tools live in a team workspace.
  • Teams have quick access to Information they need.
  • Integrated with SharePoint, OneNote.
  • Work with Office and other documents right in the app.
  • Implement robust DMS with Document Approval.
  • Empower Employees Collaboration.
  • App Board – bring all apps in one place.
  • Integrate Power Platform.
  • Automate your processes – Power Automate or integrate third party (Nintex, K2 etc.)
  • Integrate RPA – UiPath.
  • Integrate Virtual Agents – Power Virtual Agents.
  • Integrate AI – AI Builder.
  • Integrate third party connectors – SAP, Dynamics, Oracle, DocuSign, Adobe Sign etc.

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