Automation Solutions


Our solutions automate processes within your customer, supplier, and partner networks, giving you a competitive advantage.

Our automation services and solutions aim to relieve employees from repetitive and unproductive tasks, allowing them to focus on more meaningful work and improve their productivity.

Our RPA Solutions

By implementing RPA-based intelligent automation, repetitive tasks are reduced for employees, freeing them to undertake more creative tasks and improve productivity.

Call Centre Operations

Consolidating customer information from multiple systems on a single screen for efficient handling of common customer inquiries.

Claims Administration

RPA is utilized for the input and processing of claims, identifying exceptions, and ensuring compliance.

Onboarding and Offboarding

Removing human involvement in the onboarding and offboarding of employees to ensure compliance.


Removing human involvement in the onboarding and offboarding of employees to ensure compliance.

Sales Process Support

Utilize RPA to streamline the sales process by updating customer information in the CRM, configuring the billing system, inputting data, and monitoring system performance.

Patient Scheduling

Use bots to collect patient information such as insurance information, requests for appointments, and location preferences for scheduling appointments.

HR Automation

Employ RPA for repetitive and document-intensive tasks such as recruitment, onboarding and offboarding, vetting employees, processing employee absences, and handling expense claims.

Banking Solutions

Using RPA to handle customer appointments, account closures, loan applications and approvals, and credit card processing.

Expense Management

Employ bots to automatically extract data from expense reports, such as business names and amounts.

Websites Data Consolidation

Utilize RPA to gather data from websites to find the best deals on travel, hotel bookings, and vehicle purchases.

Retail Automation

Using RPA to handle updates in order and shipping information, as well as conducting retail analytics.

Insurance Automation

Utilizing bots to streamline complex, multi-step claims processing and paperwork-intensive tasks. RPA for policy issuance, underwriting, and claims handling.

Bookkeeping Automation

Employing RPA to fully automate the entire bookkeeping process, including automatic posting.

Procure-To-Pay Automation

Invoice processing tasks, which are mechanical, repetitive, and high-volume, can be automated using RPA robots.

Let COMM-IT, a full-service automation company, assist you in launching your automation project.

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Our BPM Solutions

For over a dozen years, we have refined and advanced solutions in various industries and functions that you can utilize to optimize your processes.

Leave Management

Automated leave request and approval process,  Accrual tracking and calculation of leave balances, Integration with payroll and HR systems, Self-service portal for employees to view and manage their leave.

Vendor Management

Centralized vendor database and contact information, Automated vendor onboarding and due diligence process, Contract and agreement management, Vendor performance tracking and evaluation.

Trade Promotion

Automated trade promotion planning and budgeting, Promotion calendar and event management, Claim and redemption tracking and processing, Sales and performance analysis.

Account Payable

Automates the process of recording and tracking invoices and vendor payments, Allows for easy management of vendor information and communication, Provides real-time visibility into cash flow and outstanding liabilities.

Document Management

Streamline document management processes,  features such as document editing, review and approval, version control, search and retrieval, security and access control, and integration with other systems.  Easy storage and organization of electronic and physical documents.

Task Management

Creating, assigning, tracking, and completing tasks within an organization. Easy organization, prioritization and scheduling of tasks. Task delegation, progress tracking, and reporting. Improve collaboration among team members, increase productivity and efficiency.

CAPEX Automation

Streamline and optimize various processes related to planning, budgeting, and tracking capital projects. Manage project timelines, budgets, and resources more efficiently. Better control costs, improve project planning and execution, and increase overall efficiency.

Helpdesk Automation

Optimize various tasks related to customer support, such as ticket management, incident resolution, and knowledge management. Improve customer satisfaction, and increase overall efficiency and productivity.

Legal Process Automation

Better manage legal tasks, improve compliance, and increase overall efficiency and productivity. Reduce the workload on human legal professionals, improve the speed of document review and discovery, and increase the accuracy of legal research.

Loan Approval Automation

Help organizations to better manage loan applications, improve decision-making speed and accuracy, and increase overall efficiency and productivity. Reduce the workload on human loan officers, improve the speed of loan approvals, and increase the accuracy of credit analysis and fraud detection.

Onboarding and Offboarding

Improved productivity, Better compliance: Onboarding can help ensure that new hires understand and follow company policies and regulations. Maintaining company culture, Retention of knowledge, Protecting company’s confidential information.


Audit Management

Plan, execute, and report on internal or external audits. Improving data collection and analysis, Better visibility and control, Identifying and mitigating risks.

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