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Recognizing that each industry has its own unique business requirements and challenges, COMM-IT does not adhere to a “One Size Fits All” approach. Nevertheless, all industries share common objectives such as delivering high-quality products, enhancing customer experience, and adapting promptly to evolving business environments.

For the past 12 years, we have been at the forefront of technical innovation by designing tailored solutions and frameworks for diverse industries in both public and private sectors. Our endeavors have empowered these organizations to conceive, construct, and operate more cutting-edge businesses.

Digital Workstation

Our Integrated Technology Framework streamlines the management of applications, data, and endpoints through centralized control.

Robust Platform


Application Integration

Ready to Use Apps



Field Visit Solutions

We offer a suite of automation solutions designed for field services, including FSM, field sales teams, field audits, inspections, and more.

Field Services Management

Manage Remote field service support and maintenance.

Field Sales Management

Manage field Sale Worker, capture field sales data, and conduct field sales audits.

Field Visit for Insurance & Claims.

Capture fields data for Insurance & Claims processing.


Generate value within your customer, supplier, and partner network by utilizing Automation Solutions based on Workflow and RPA.

HR Process Automation

Vendor Management

Trade Promotion

Account Payable

Document Approval

Task Management

Document Capture Services

Attended/Unattended Automation

Extraction Technology Development

Note For Approval (NFA)

Systematic, Efficient, Transparent Approval Process.

The Note For Approval (NFA) is integrated with a rule-based workflow system, which assists organizations in making informed and disciplined financial decisions. It operates according to the approval matrix, as well as by amount and entity, resulting in a digitized workflow that is efficient and transparent for all stakeholders involved in approving notes.



Tracking of ongoing projects PO

Secure, confidential, easy to use

Less cost and less time consuming

Systematic approval & managing of Documents

Access to past project’s details

Option of delegating the Note

Multiple attachments

Query Management

Reminder mails for pending NFA

Power Platform Solutions

The Power Platform offers over twenty-five pre-built business productivity applications that can be readily used, with the added feature of ERP/CRM integration capabilities, as well as third-party connectors such as DocuSign and Adobe Sign.

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Remote Worker Self-Attendance

Task Management App

Leave Management

Asset Management

Expense Management

Document Approval App

Helpdesk Management App

Self Attendance

Document Management Solutions

An all-encompassing solution for managing the entire document life cycle, with approval workflows, collaboration, and the option for digital document signing.

Workflow Based Document Approval

Multi-Channel Document Capture

Document Repositories

Team Collaboration on Document

Metadata Tagging and Versioning

Full Text Search on Documents

Digitally Sign Document(DocuSign, Adobe Sign)

Track Document Changes

Anytime, Anywhere Access on Mobile Devices.

Our ready-to-use frameworks and solutions cater to a diverse range of industries with distinct business requirements, but all share a common vision of adapting to changing business scenarios.

SharePoint and Microsoft Teams – Content & Collaboration

Pre-built solutions and frameworks on SharePoint can be easily customized to fit your specific requirements. They are ready to use.

Document Approval & DMS

Collaboration Portal

Digital Workstation

Claims Management

Helpdesk Ticketing

Sales & Marketing

Procure to Pay Automation

SharePoint CRM

Legal Information System

more on our content & collaboration solutions

Digital Signage Solutions

A ready-to-deploy framework is available for a broad range of businesses to elevate your information display and corporate branding to the next level.

Digital Menu Boards

Airport Signages

Bank Signages

Hospital Signages

Hotel Signages

Retail Signages

Way Finder Solutions

Corporate Communications

Zool Signage for SMEs

more on our digital signage solutions

Task and Shift Scheduling

A solution for employee work shift and task scheduling is available to manage the return of employees in a changed workspace environment, while ensuring social distancing.

Create Work Shift

Create schedule and assign workforce

Define Task, Work Details, Notes etc.

Tag Geo location, Visit Time & hours

Generate QR Code Based Gate Pass.

Notifications on Shifts.

Security Guard Interface to Scan QR Code to Allow entry.

Track Employee Availability, timeoff requests.

Generate Shift and Attendance Report.

more on our task and shift scheduling

Self Attendance

We offer a readily available solution equipped with both mobile and Microsoft Teams interfaces that enable the tracking of employee attendance and workload, while also generating timesheets for those working remotely or from home.

Part Time Off, Vacation, Sick Off Request

Attendance –Remote Work and Work from Home

Announcement & Notification

Holiday Calendar

Workflow based Approvals

Timesheet Generation

Geolocation Punch with Geo-Fencing

Take Selfie

Track Break and Lunches.

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