Our Services

COMM-IT offers expertise in advanced technologies supported by proven practices throughout the IT lifecycle to drive business transformation and foster growth. Our services include developing innovative IT infrastructure solutions, supporting digital transformation, implementing ERP and CRM solutions, and building both cloud-based and traditional application and security services.

Through our partnership-based approach, we drive efficiency and optimization of your IT environment to achieve improved business outcomes. Our multivendor support services enable us to take over your complete IT cycle engagements and manage day-to-day operations of your hybrid IT environment.

Our IT services drive business transformation and lead to improved business outcomes.

Microsoft Teams Consulting

Facilitating the centralization of communication, collaboration, and management of enterprise applications, data, and endpoints to enable remote work for employees.

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IT Infrastructure

We offer services that align your dynamic IT infrastructure requirements with your evolving business needs by providing flexible IT environments

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Sharepoint Solutions

Implementing SharePoint Solutions from the very First Release SharePoint 2001 and maintaining Microsoft Gold Certification for several years.

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Microsoft 365

Helping drive benefits of M365 by supporting the platform, building solution, driving consumption, building solutions, and ensuring round the clock service availability.

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Microsoft Power Platform

Proven track record of deployments on Power Platform across enterprises with more than 24+ ready use business productivity apps on Power Platform.

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Digital Transformation

We can transform your business using various technologies, such as Automation, Cloud Computing, IoT, AI, App Modernization, Collaboration, and more.

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