What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform made by Microsoft, which combines natively with Microsoft Office’s ecosystem. Microsoft SharePoint is being sold primarily as a document management and storage system which integrates easily with Microsoft Office, still SharePoint, is made in such a way that it is highly configurable, and its applications varies very substantially among different organizations.

Microsoft SharePoint is a leading platform for intranet operations, online collaboration, document management, and is effectively used by over 80% of the Fortune 500 companies around the globe to develop & manage their online and offline applications. Microsoft SharePoint scores very high when it comes to enabling a secure document management ecosystem than maintaining the traditional file management systems.

Due to Microsoft SharePoint being highly configurable and capable to provide and handle most of Intranet, Large, Small and Medium sized Enterprises. Businesses are now garnering the benefits of a marvelous, secure and highly configurable document management platform. SharePoint by Microsoft has gradually evolved into a multi-purpose enterprise solution designed to meet the essential needs of companies regardless of their sizes.

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SharePoint Application
SharePoint Application

SharePoint Applications

SharePoint Applications

Usage of Microsoft SharePoint varies according to the nature or core business of organization to organization. Microsoft SharePoint encompasses a vast variety of abilities. Following are the different applications, which are possible with SharePoint…

1. Content and Document Management for Enterprise 

Microsoft SharePoint allows its users for storing, retrieving, searching, archiving, tracking, management, and reporting on E-Documents and E-Records. Many functions of Microsoft SharePoint are designed to priorities various legal, information management, and process requirements in an organization apart from this Microsoft SharePoint also provides a feature known as search and ‘graph’ functionality. MS SharePoint’s integration with MS Windows and MS Office allow for collaborative ecosystem with real-time editing, secured & encrypted information rights managed synchronization, which is often used to replace the existing file server of an organization, and is coupled with an enterprise content management policy.

2. Building Intranet, social network & collaborative ecosystem 

Microsoft SharePoint Intranet portal or intranet is a very effective way to centralize different access to enterprise internal information and applications at one place. It is an effective & efficient solution to an organization for managing its internal communications, applications handling, information storage & distribution very easily. Microsoft claims that this method of internal collaboration via SharePoint can increase employee engagement by centralizing process management, reducing the cost of on-boarding a new staff , and providing the solution to capture and share enterprise based knowledge

3. Framing an Enterprise based Collaborative Software 

SharePoint by Microsoft consist of the team collaboration groupware capabilities, which includes: scheduling project (via integration with Outlook and Project), project related document storage collaboration, social collaborations, shared mailboxes. Groupware in SharePoint is based around the concept of a “Team Site”.

4. Providing File hosting service on personal cloud

Microsoft SharePoint Server hosts OneDrive for Business, allowing it users for storing and synchronizing any individual’s personal documents, as well as public/private file sharing of those documents. This feature is typically combined with other Microsoft Office Servers/Services, such as Microsoft Exchange, to produce a “personal cloud”

5. Custom web applications solution for enterprises 

Microsoft SharePoint ability of developing custom application provides an additional layer of services that allow a rapid prototyping of integrated web applications. SharePoint allow developers to provide integration into corporate directories and data sources through standards like REST/OData/OAuth. Enterprise or organization’s application developers use SharePoint’s security and the feature of information management capabilities across a variety of development platforms and different scenarios. Microsoft SharePoint also contains a dedicated enterprise “app store” which includes different types of external applications  encapsulated and managed to access the resources such as corporate user data and various document data.

SharePoint Services We Provide @COMM IT

At COMM IT, we provide a full-cycled services to help you create an optimal SharePoint solution which powers your day-to-day employee’s activities and facilitates an effective & efficient business process with workflow capabilities to increase organizational productivity. Microsoft SharePoint services include consulting, development, migration, integration, support, and managed services.

With more than 15-years of experience in SharePoint, COMM IT helps organizations to implement, create or redesign workflow-based enterprises solutions like Intranets, Portals, Document Management Solution, or any workflow based business application requirement of the organization.

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