Digital Signage: Explained !

Massive technological advancements and rising popularity of dynamic digital content, is also altering the business dynamics in today’s world, As people are embracing interactive and large-scale digital signage due to its fascinating way of providing information and easy to attract target audiences for different businesses. But the question is what is digital signage and what are its advantages?

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage, also known as electronic signage, is a unique display technology like LED walls, video walls, high definition projection and a cluster of LCD monitors which vividly display interactive content like high quality digital images, video clips, moving directions, menu’s of restaurant, marketing messages like offers & deals or dynamic webpages
Nowadays, Digital signage is getting used in many different industries like Museums, sport fields and arenas, corporate spaces, hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants, academic centers, wayfinding hotspots, malls, marketing banner, advertisement boards, airport and stations.

Applications of Digital Signage

Digital signage are getting used to provide public information, display to convey various types of interactive internal or external communications or sharing product details and information to enhance the customer service, brand promotions and better brand recognition amongst general public. Digital Signage is a very powerful way to influence the behavior of target consumers and their decision-making, at the same time enhancing the consumer experiences through displaying data via interactive screens.
Now let’s take a look at a few ways it can be used:

Digital Promotions

Digital signage displays are a great place to feature interactive eye-catching advertisement for products, services & events. Since multimedia screens of digital signage, use videos and animations in addition to moving & rotating graphics, advertisers can use digital signage for content like featuring static but brightly displayed ads, real time product demonstrations or video testimonials. Retail settings like malls, stores etc. are one of the most common places where you’ll see digital signages

Service Offerings

Paper menus, standees & fixed displays are still a common way to communicate service offerings, but with digital signage, businesses can creatively list their service offerings in the user friendly and eye catching digital displays. With digital signage, businesses like restaurants, spas, salons, banks etc. can easily offer rotating or animated content & information on walls for their visitors.

Synopsis, Summaries or Inspirational Quotes

Advertisement is not the only thing, digital signage is be made as it can be used for informing, inspiring or influencing the target customers & potential viewers by featuring content like synopsis, detail, summaries or famous quotes which are highly relatable. For Example:- By displaying inspirational quotes, brands can make their digital signages more artistic & engaging for viewers which can lift it’s viewer’s moods and can fulfill the goal of brand recognition. Businesses such as health and wellness clinics, gyms, yoga center, and co working spaces can effectively leverage inspirational quotes to uplift the productivity and to create a warm welcoming environment.

Interactive Forms & Games

Digital screens has no limits in terms of usage, and nobody is restricted to use it as a wall for displaying static & basic information only as users can control and engage with them in a highly interactive manner. Interactive digital signages allow it’s users to select high definition moving/animated content, like games, apps, etc.

Social Media content & News feeds

Social media has become a very crucial place for brands to promote their products & services, and digital signage technology makes it very easy & accessible by bringing the social media live through real time display feature of digital signages. Brands, enterprises or any type of business can easily sync the digital screens with their social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & YouTube which can display live feeds from these social media platforms. Brands can display their posts, insights, primary hashtags, special mentions, in order to propel it’s social media achievements into the real world. Nowadays, Different companies and media houses are using these methods to give a sense of recognition to it’s viewer and fans, by giving them an opportunity to see their social media contribution featured in real time.

Enterprise Memos for Recognition

Instead of announcing anything important but generic to all the employees, via sending bulk emails or paper memos, enterprises, businesses or companies can share these generic updates via digital signage technology, with mounted screens. It’s not just a quick solution and efficient way of announcing generic messages at once but it is also a solution which improves internal communication and workplace ethics & morale. If you’ll compare the text-heavy documents, like mails, letters or paper memos, you’ll find out that people tend to be more attentive towards visual-based content.

When integrated with CRM tools like Zapier, saleshook, Hoopla, inhouse teams can check their performance, rankings and insights on the big display screen regularly.

Calendars & Event Schedules

Places with high footfalls like hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, shopping malls, educational institutions, corporate offices, feature places like theme parks and healthcare centers can use digital screens to create & display calendars which can share events, work schedules, team meeting schedules as well as upcoming important dates. This helps the target viewers to stay informed about daily activities which makes an organization efficient!

Airports, train stations, bus stops and many big enterprises have interactive maps which can be either static or moving displayed on digital signage to guide people to their intended destination. Digital Maps provide an optimal flexibility as they are easy to update and the content can easily be republished without any delays whenever changes are made .
Digital wayfinding feature of digital signage based maps are very dependable, efficient, affordable & easy to handle. These digital maps can be updated in real-time and are very user friendly which makes it easier fo viewers to get precise information about their location or destination.

Emergency Messages

In the case of an emergency, digital signage technology can be a life saver it can be used as a comprehensive emergency communication tool and update information on various screens throughout the facility which is easy, fast and very efficient. Safety and emergency messages are very important and should reach its intended recipient on time, and digital signage’s features like quick updates and real time display makes it very quick, simple and efficient to do such tasks.

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