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A Scholarship portal has been developed for one of the largest organization in the world with a membership of 57 states spread over four continents. The organization endeavours to safeguard in the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony among various people of the world.

The organization wanted to streamline the process of making a scholarship available on portal including functionalities such as displaying the landing page, enabling the universities to register with portal, put up, submit their information to the organization, making the approved information of university display on the portal. They also wanted to add functionalities including making the students able to browse, register, apply for scholarship on portal.


  • COMM-IT developed a collaborative portal using SharePoint Portal Solution which allowed the team to share knowledge and collaborate with each other.
  • A landing page was made describing organization’s efforts for offering University scholarships to students globally.
  • Built in functionality was implemented to send Email messages through the portal from the account that is logged in.
  • Functionality for universities to register with scholarship portal was implemented and the universities are now able to put and submit their information to the OIC and approved information is made to be displayed on scholarship portal.
  • A functionality was implemented for students to browse, filter information, and register and apply for a scholarship.
  • Categorized scholarship allotment system was developed where students can apply.


  • There was an absence of platform where the organization’s efforts for offering scholarship to students globally should be displayed.
  • The organisation needed seamless process right from universities registering on Portal to the approval/rejection or publish of university’s information.
  • Also, there was a requirement for students that they should be able to browse filtered information, register and apply for scholarship.
  • Organisation needed a platform to track all the data related to allotment of scholarships in different countries & universities.
  • Organisation needed a platform to analyse the scholarship applied for different departments/courses.


  • Information about universities is easily available on scholarship portal.
  • Students can now easily browse the scholarship and register and apply for that.
  • Tracking information of scholarships.
  • Students get guidance from OIC.
  • It makes the process efficient for organization as well as for students.
  • Detailed information shared with students from common platform.
  • Multiple scholarship can be applied.
  • Transparent process.
  • Organization can analyze data with reference to the applied scholarships.

Technologies Used

  • .NET Framework
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • SQL Server
  • Workflow Engine: Option Of Microsoft Workflow, K2 and Nintex

Scalability Option

  • Integrate into COMM-IT’s Digital Workstation.
  • Integrate With O365 & Microsoft Team.
  • Extend on MS Power Platform – With MS Flow and Power BI.
  • Extend on Mobile Device with Power Apps.

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