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COMM-IT helped a Japanese multinational corporation, headquartered in Ota, Tokyo, Japan, specialized in optical, imaging, and industrial products, such as lenses, cameras, medical equipment, scanners, printers, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

The company was looking for  Microsoft SharePoint solution to improve the IT asset management and tracking by developing an IT asset management system as per their customized requirement. Client was previously using Lotus Notes for managing their IT assets, which has become obsolete.


The client needed to build IT Asset Management and IT Asset Tracking solution on SharePoint to help organization to assign their IT assets to employees, keep track of their assets and to upgrade and write-off their assets based on the business policy. The client was using Lotus Notes tool for managing their IT assets, but the tool got obsolete and there was no upgrade available. Client was already having SharePoint License and were using various solutions, so they wanted to build this solution in SharePoint as well with data migration and additional features like bulk uploader for IT assets. Additionally, the client needed an easy-to-use UI and workflow design to ensure easier management.


COMM-IT utilized the combination of emerging advanced Microsoft technologies and business processes with a feasible analysis on the IT assets management process required. We created a customized IT Asset Management System using On-Prem SharePoint 2016, capable of assigning, searching, tracking of IT assets across the company. It offered a detailed view of spared, assigned & non-active IT assets in the organization. This solution gave the organization insights of the assets location, monitoring, tracking, reporting & uploading bulk assets into the system. The solution was linked with Active Directory which makes it easier for the admin to assign and search the assets employee wise. It presented an intuitive, easy solution with ease of use to the business user. Data migration was also done from Lotus Notes to the SharePoint system.


  • Cost effective.
  • Tracking of IT assets on the click of a button
  • Generate reports on asset allocations.
  • Easier management of IT assets.
  • Bulk uploading of assets into the system.
  • Monitoring
  • Locate assets distribution
  • Create assets collection
  • Get complete visibility
  • Visibility of asset nearing end of life
  • Visibility on asset upgrade plan based on business policy.

Technologies Used

  • SharePoint 2016 On Premise
  • SharePoint Designer Workflow

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