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Farabi Petrochemicals, a private sector company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has established an Intranet Portal designed exclusively for its employees. This portal serves as a collaborative platform that facilitates knowledge sharing among employees and streamlines workflow-based approvals for various processes. Leveraging UOP technology, Farabi Petrochemicals specializes in the production of Normal Paraffin and Linear Alkyl Benzene.

Farabi faced challenges due to disconnected and disparate information, data, and processes scattered across various locations, with most communication happening via email. This lack of cohesion resulted in a lack of collaboration among employees, leading to delayed responses and decreased productivity.

COMM-IT implemented content and collaboration platform over Microsoft SharePoint which allowed cross-functional and geographically spread out team to share knowledge and collaborate with each other and with the client. Along with this a platform for automation of various processes was implemented to have a complete paperless office.


  • The information, data and processes at Farabi was disconnected and disparate and was spread out across various location.
  • The majority of information was exchanged over email due to which it was difficult to track and respond on time.
  • The departments at Farabi were disconnected and did not have any collaboration platform.
  • The turnaround time for responding to customer and also for internal queries was large which often lead miscommunication, lack of transparency and accountability.
  • The processes at Farabi were mostly paper based with routing happening over email which lead to delayed response with no accountability.
  • Due to manual processes the compliance was often delayed and very little visibility leading business losses in some cases.


  • COMM-IT Implemented a collaboration, knowledge sharing and process automation portal over SharePoint allowing cross-functional and geographically spread out team to communicate with each other effectively.
  • Paperless office was implemented with automation of all business process document using SharePoint Workflow.
  • Various collaboration tools like project management data, idea sharing, connect to management, events and suggestion etc. were implemented.
  • Functionality like people search was implemented to allow employee to connect to each other.
  • A comprehensive Document Management along with Document Approval process was implemented.
  • Various office forms were automated using SharePoint forms and Workflow.


  • Centralization Intranet Portal for effective collaboration and communication of employees.
  • Ensured proper control and security of company documents and assets.
  • Complete automation of office processes with an effective audit trail.
  • Helped bring in transparency and accountability across the organization.
  • A Common Inbox allowed employees to have effective tracking and monitoring of their task.
  • Provided an effective automated escalation mechanism where there is bottleneck and delayed response.
  • A Complete Paperless office implementation.

Technologies Used

  • MS SharePoint Server
  • Windows Server
  • SQL Server
  • Exchange Server
  • Visual Studio
  • SAN Storage
  • Workflow Engine: SharePoint Workflow

Scalability Option

  • Integrate into COMM-IT’s Digital Workstation.
  • Integrate With O365 & Microsoft Team.
  • Extend on MS Power Platform – With MS Flow and Power BI.
  • Extend on Mobile Device with Power Apps.

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