CAPEX Based Purchase Approval Process AutomationFoods and Beverages

An automation solution called "CAPEX Purchase Approval Process" was implemented for one of the world's leading food and beverage giants. This solution was designed to ensure that all purchases are in alignment with the budget. The client is a global leader in the food and beverage industry, with a diverse product portfolio of 22 brands that are sold in over 200 countries, generating over $1 billion each in annual retail sales.

The Indian branch of the client aimed to streamline their CAPEX purchase process to ensure budget alignment. To achieve this, a workflow-based approval solution was implemented, enabling automation of CAPEX-related purchase approvals, ranging from lawn mowers to plant and machineries. This solution also facilitated two-way SAP integration across their branches and departments in India, enhancing coordination and efficiency in the purchase approval process.


  • The complete purchase approval were automated right from lawn mower to plant and machineries based purchases.
  • Aligning of the purchases with budget.
  • Workflow based automation of purchases which are aligned to the process specific to each item and department.
  • Complete transparency into all purchases and approvals.
  • Ability to capture the complete information related to purchases – creating case for purchase, capture complete documents etc.
  • Connect all the users spread across multiple location and standardize the purchase process across the organization.
  • Shift all communication on purchases from email to a central CAPEX Collaboration platform.
  • Ability to send back request, raise query or seek any kinds of clarification right from the system.
  • Escalation of Critical Task or send escalation on overdue task.
    Central Inbox to Track status and stages of all purchases.
  • Capture and Track the budget and its usage.
  • Integration with ERP System (SAP, MS Dynamics).
  • The application allows each request to be submitted, received, reviewed, approved, tracked, monitored, and reported.


  • The client was using email to approval for purchases where in project reports, use cases, justification and benefits for all the CAPEX related purchases was made offline and then shared over email.
  • The offline documents and email created problems in tracking and collaborating between various users.
  • The delays on response over email lead to bottlenecks and often the management was not able fix responsibilities for all such delays.
    There was on escalation mechanism in place.
  • Search and retrieval and status reporting was difficult and in some cases became long drawn process.
  • Due to lack of task based inbox mechanism it was difficult to track the status and the stage with whom the approval was pending.
  • There was lack of collaboration and coordination between various department in purchases and this often lead to delays and as result business losses in many cases.


  • Real-time decisions on approvals on expenditures.
  • Defined SLAs for alerts and escalations.
  • Integration with ERP (SAP, Dynamics).
  • Align Purchases with Budget.
  • Bring Transparency in all purchases.
  • Ensure compliance and uniformity in processes across the organization.
  • Collaboration between hierarchies.
  • Identify and Expedite Critical Request.

Technologies Used

  • .NET Framework
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • SQL Server
  • Workflow Engine: Option Of Microsoft Workflow, K2 and Nintex

Scalability Option

  • Integrate into COMM-IT’s Digital Workstation.
  • Integrate With O365 & Microsoft Team.
  • Extend on MS Power Platform – With MS Flow and Power BI.
  • Extend on Mobile Device with Power Apps.

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